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We at Just Chillz Services offers high class and reliable AC Installation service with the help of efficient team members. We provide effectively and low-cost AC Installation, un-installation, and maintenance services. To provide high class and cost-effective solutions, we have trained technicians in our team. We promise to provide excellent quality installation services at affordable prices and also comes out 30 days repair warranty service. We offer AC installation services for all brands that include Haier, Daikin, Voltas, LG, Mitsubishi Electric, Blue Star, Hitachi, Samsung, Carrier, and others. We are providing this valuable service in Delhi and NCR which includes Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, and Faridabad as well. Book Appointment by calling on 9873575704 / 9520671471.


  • Door to door air conditioner repair service
  • Own transportation service
  • Highly professional management and trained technicians
  • Avail free tips regarding geyser and all electronic products
  • Serve All AC brands
  • Service within the 24 hours
  • The company sealed packed products
  • Home Delivery & Installation

Why Customers Prefer Us For AC Installation

  • Modern Techniques To Install/uninstall AC We have trained technicians who are highly skilled with modern techniques and will be able to provide the first-class service to you.
  • Door to Door Service With Cost Effective Solutions- We make sure to provide complete comfort to our customers that’s why we come out with the door to door service at a convenient time as per our customers.
  • Simple And Payment Procedure- We have a simple process. You can pay either by cash, online payment mode, wallet payment and much more.
  • Advanced Solutions from Skilled Professionals: Our technicians guarantee you the most professional and friendly services, making sure that your property is safe and clean even after the task is done. They will suggest you, Maintenance hacks and discuss everything you need to know. Apart from these, we are equipped with the best tools and equipment, which are needed to make your air quality pure and healthy.

Services We Cover

Offering AC installation/uninstallation and maintenance services, we ensure you will get full support in various issues including:

AC Installation

Whether you are installing a cooling system for the first time or you have decided to replace the old one, you can count on our AC installation services, which include cost-effective and flexible solutions. We are licensed to perform all these tasks with the utmost sanctuary.

AC Maintenance

To ensure that your AC works properly and as efficiently as possible, we offer annual AC maintenance serves for commercial as well as industrial spaces. From removing the debris or cleaning the inner parts to replacing the parts, we will do it all to keep you happy and cool.

Preventive Maintenance

To provide you with 100% customer satisfaction, we offer a preventive maintenance scheme in which you can save money and reduce the repairing cost with our annual maintenance contract, and all your AC repair and maintenance hazards will be on our shoulders.

Air Conditioner Installation

  • All types of air conditioner installation.
  • All types of air conditions removed.
  • Air condition Piping.
  • All types of air condition piping.
  • The quality of piping is best.
  • The piping price is low.
  • Copper pipe with superlon.
  • The quality of the cable and drain pipe is best.
  • Pipe testing with nitrogen.

All Type Air -Conditions Installations & Piping (Include Labor) Rate

Copper Pipe 1/4 & 1/2 with super lone ———– Per Meter – Rs.750.00
Copper Pipe 3/8 & 5/8 with super lone ———– Per Meter – Rs.950.00
Copper Pipe 1/2 & 7/8 with super lone ———– Per Meter – Rs.1450.00
Copper Pipe 3/8 & 3/4 with super lone ———– Per Meter – Rs.1050.00
Drain Pipe 25 mm PVC ISI —————————- Per Meter – Rs.110.00
Cable 2.5mm 3/4 core ISI —————————– Per Meter – Rs.100.00/120.00
Split air-conditioner installations —————— Per AC – Rs.1700.00
Window air conditioner installations —————– Per AC – Rs.700.00
Split air conditioner removal ———————— Per AC – Rs.800.00
Window air conditioner removal ———————– Per AC – Rs.350.00


Just Chillz is a name that not only offers quality but also looks after your pocket. We offer the best AMC according to your needs at reasonable prices. There are certain factors that we focus on, which makes sure our authenticity and trust which has been accepted by thousands of users till the date.

  • ISO CERTIFIED EQUIPMENT – We only use equipment that is certified by ISO, which makes sure that the parts attached to your AC are quality assured and are expected to function for a long duration accurately. ISO certification is only given after proper testing and quality check.
  • ITI CERTIFIED SKILLED RESOURCES – you will also want that any skillful hands are repairing or installing the AC in your home. For that, we only hire professionals who are certified. We make sure that the resources are knowledgeable and can detect any of the damage and repair it accordingly.
  • HIGHLY SAFETY MECHANISM – There are certain actions to be done while installing or repairing any AC, which can also be risky and requires expert’s attention. We follow the safest methods for it so that you are prudent and away from any sort of harm.
  • 10000 SATISFIED CUSTOMERS – Any organizations or agency could be inferred by its followers or consumers. We have made their name by offering quality. The consumers are increasing day by day because of the professionalism and disposition of their work. All the customers are satisfied and restrain the touch with us for their appliances maintained.
  • AC INSTALLATION SERVICE– We also have a service for AC installation. Installing can be difficult and need expertise for handling. As we have said above, our staff is a professional one and will work on Air Conditioning AMC better than any other service. We have split AC, Window AC, Central AC, and other AC installation services for you. We will give you a 100% transparent work. We use modern methods of installation. Our work is 100% guaranteed. 


There are numerous reasons to choose us for the AMC of your AC. You have seen the qualities above. Additional to those qualities are a few more exciting functions and offers.

Doorstep service– You don’t need to rush here and there, if you detect any problem in your AC, once you establish an AMC with us. You just need to make a call and the professionals will be at your door to serve you.

Prompt Action – we will take instant action on your demand. We are just one call away and every defect of your AC will be repaired with quality.

Tailor-made Cost – The packages for AMC are tailor-made, which means there are certain offers according to your needs. It includes offers for multiple AC repairs or Bulk AC repair if you’re in an organization or company at discounted rates.

Instant Call Back– we will immediately respond to your call. If you couldn’t connect at once, you will be contacted as soon as possible. Also, there are dates fixed for general inspection on which the employees will come to you on their own.

Pocket Suited Price – There are packages manufactured according to your needs, which means we will cut down the price as much as possible. There are special offers for choosing a few packages of AMC.

Post Service Guarantee – It is not only about giving service, how long the service lasts is also an important point. There is a guarantee after the services for a particular period, which means once you are done with the servicing you don’t need to worry about your AC for a duration.

Happy Family Inspection – There are general inspections included in the AMC of your AC, which doesn’t include any additional charges. These inspections will help in remembering any minor defects or problems in the machine which will enable it to function smoothly throughout.

Safety Assurance – There is an assurance of security to the device as there are many processes involved in it. The processes might turn hazardous if not processed professionally. The professionals that we hired will make sure of the safety of the AC along with you.

Just Chillz Discounts – Establishing contact with Just Chillz can help you gain discounts on the maintenance of your household appliances. We provide discounts on repairs, installation and especially if you choose an AMC for your AC, it would avail certain offers in it.

Quality AC Service – The servicing of the AC includes every minor part of it. Whether it is a window AC or a split one, all of the machines will be maintained and served from time to time with quality.

Quality Care – Understanding the machine and its parts is an important aspect. We nourish the parts with care and look after the device for better performance and it also gives your AC a long life.

Our locations for services– We are located at Faridabad, Gurgaon, Noida, and Delhi. You contact us for AC AMC Service. We will give you the service in no time.

For AC installation and uninstallation services call 9873575704 for Noida, Delhi NCR, Gurgaon, and Faridabad location.

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