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AC has now become a necessity and those days are gone when it was considered a luxury. In the burning heat, when any failure happens in the system and the AC stops working, it’s nothing less than a heartbreak. It must be in its top-performing condition and for that, the best AC repair service should be available to you. If you are not willing to get it repaired, prepare for some permanent damage.

AC Repair Services That We Offer

General Inspection: If you are a smart consumer, you must be aware of the fact that the machine health requires regular health check-ups to perform well. Just Chillz provides you the service of normal health check-ups of your AC at very affordable pricing.

Servicing of your AC (Window & Split): The cleaning through the wet method by Just Chillz offers you the service to get your AC thoroughly cleaned. In a window AC set up, the cleaning includes parts like the coil, filter, drainage pipe, and checking on the level of the gas. The same service package is provided for the split AC as well.

Minor Repairing: This package includes the AC repairing of the water leakage along with the replacement of small parts that are important in the working of an AC.

Part Replacement: Additional or consumable parts are authentic and JustChillz provides a guarantee for this part. The best technicians one can avail who can assure the perfect repairing of the AC.

Removal of the AC Unit: Just Chillz also offers the service of removing an already installed unit, if you are upgrading or shifting to a new place.

Repair All Type Of Air Conditioner

The services that are offered are limited to the type of ACs listed below:

Window AC Repair: The services of repairing are available in different packages to any window AC setup and everything will be taken care of.

Split AC Repair: The packages are also available for the split ACs and the professional technicians provided by Just Chillz will make sure that the customer is satisfied.

Give Just Chillz A Chance. Why?

Time-bound Service: The company believes in providing quality service to the customers along with keeping timely delivery of the services they seek for.

Authentic Servicing: No matter how much it needs effort, our technicians will give you the best quality of the product service and there will be no chance for you to complain.

Customer Satisfaction: The theme on which Just Chillz is set up and working is to put customer satisfaction above anything else. We ensure that our quality to satisfaction ratio is always balanced.

AC Repair Contact Number

We are here trying our best to provide the repair, as well as installation, ac service to the cities like Ghaziabad, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, and more. Give us a call to take all your worries and provide you our services. To make an appointment, you can call us directly at 9873575704,

Some FAQs To Clear Your Confusion

How often I should get our AC serviced?

You must get your AC checked every 3 months, even if it’s not causing any problems whatsoever.

What are the things that I need to make available?

There is nothing that you should worry about. All you have to make sure that the power and water supply is running and that’s it.

Can I pay through card?

If you are making the appointment through our website, you can choose the payment mode as a credit/debit card, net banking, etc.

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