Top 10 AC Brands Available in India

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Buying an air conditioner is never easy because you have to consider so many facts before buying an AC. What kind of features that you want in your air conditioner? Which AC with the best elements is going to fit into your budget? If you belong to a middle-class family, you also have to consider the fact that you don’t end up buying the AC, which is going to consume too much power and making your electricity bill out of your monthly budget. So today, I’m here to help you out with finding the Best Top 10 AC Brands in India that you should consider purchasing an AC to fit into your budget.

Best Top 10 AC Brands Available in India

1. Haier

In Top 10 AC Brands Available in India, This AC brand makes one of the most beautiful types of AC. Because they worked with the energy star program, it’s going to help you buy a pocket-friendly AC in the long run. You can use this air conditioner for quite a few years without giving you the trouble. Haier AC arrives with the programmable quite technique with the help of this you can easily control airflow to cool down your house. This AC is further can be installed very effortlessly. You can either buy a window AC or the Air conditioner, which can be installed through the wall. Haier arrives with a heavy-duty sideboard, which is going to help the AC to be stable where you are going to fix it.

2. Hitachi

In Top 10 AC Brands Available in India. It is one of the well-known AC brands to provide, which is going to keep you updated with air conditioner technology. It furthermore arrives with a programmable timer that is going to turn off the AC automatically. Hitachi doesn’t use too much electricity to cool down your house. If we measure the average use of the AC per year is 1 859.25 kWh, but this also depends on how much use the air conditioner. It also got the cooling capability between 15 000 and 23 500 BTU/h, and it is eligible for reducing 7 pints of moisture per hour.

3. Daikin

It is one of the trusted and oldest AC brands in India. Daikin makes ac models, which got four fans’ energy, and that means you are going to admire four different levels of cooling speed. Daikin also got no noise system in it; it’s never going to make any noise while changing the temperature. It also got a memory backup in it, so the preset setting from the past will be resumed by it. Daikin makes pocket-friendly and robust features ac to last for a long time.

4. LG

In Top 10 AC Brands Available in India. Life’s Good makes AC with air purifier in it, which is going to make the air inside your purified so anybody who is allergic won’t suffer from the air, which contains fungal and all the stuff which can be deadly for a person who got asthma. LG can work as both Air conditioner and also as a heater. You won’t need much space to fit it in your house. This air conditioner is not only stable in the long run. But also got the thermostat sensor in it, which is going to set the room temperature according to your liking while saving so much electric power.

5. Lloyd

In Top 10 AC Brands Available in India. This air conditioner got certified energy star, which means that this ac is going helps you save electric power while you can keep the right amount of money. This ac is ideal for a house that is within these dimensions of 250 and 1500 square feet. Lloyd also got one more characteristic, which almost everyone who uses it admires that about it. It’s got the comfort to watch technology in it. This technology is there to help it monitor the temperature variations in the house and make a suitable improvement.

6. Blue Star

In Top 10 AC Brands Available in India. This AC brand makes the air conditioner at reasonable prices. This air conditioner can be affordable for the middle-class family because it is going to fit right into their budget. You can go to a quality retailer selling merchandise, and they are going to give you a considerable discount, which is going to be a lot less than the MRP. The blue star also got 24 hours programmable timer with remote, which can quickly turn on and off; it can also installed into hard, which another air conditioner fails to do. This AC is budget-friendly. It got a feature that is going to help the fans in it to turn on and off with the compressor without letting it run non-stop and going to help you save a lot of electricity bills.

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7. Godrej

This air conditioner can easily installed inside your house walls or windows. It also got no noise feature in it, which is going to help you get a good night’s sleep. Two out of three people found this AC and said it made out of good quality. This AC also got the thermostat sensor technology in it, which is going to set the room temperature to your liking. Godrej invented to give you and your family the comfort they require during the summertime.

8. Samsung

It is one of the International well-known AC brands, and people love and trust this brand. Samsung air conditioner got comfortable one-touch control cooling. The money-saving feature in it turns the fan on and off with the compressor, which is going to help you save money and also the energy. Samsung is also giving you eight-way airflow power with a smart fan technique to decent management usage. One of the best features of the Samsung air conditioner is the filtering technique. This technique is going to help filter to clean the air from microbes and bacteria and give you and the sick person inside your house clean air to breathe.

9. Voltas

This AC brand is well known for making the best features air conditioner. It comes with a popular energy star program. It is going to help you save electric power. This air conditioner is environment-friendly. This air conditioner arrives with a power efficiency rating of 10.8 EER. Voltas also comes with a sleep mode feature, which is going to make the AC turned off the noise that it makes so you can get a stress-free and comfortable sleep throughout the night.

10. Whirlpool

This air conditioner comes with a technology that is going to help it to consume less electrical power and which is going to make it your monthly-budget-friendly AC. This AC set the temperature according to the people’s liking, which is present in the room. This air conditioner is loved and appreciated by worldwide specialists and reviewers. It can cool down your large room only in a few minutes. This AC looks very stylish and goes well with your house interior, and while it is stable enough to last for a long time.

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