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     This type of modern flooring is in demand by offices, malls, halls, etc. It provides the right level of fancy addition and enhances the overall ambiance of the place. These floorings look at the actual texture that the 3D print is trying to show. 3D Epoxy Flooring Service is a very critical job and must only be get done by a professional.

    3D Epoxy Flooring Service: Types

    The 3D flooring service is design in many types to suit the mood and theme that the customer needs. Some examples of 3D Epoxy Flooring are:

    3D Epoxy Flooring Installation

    Many steps consider under the installation of 3D flooring. The moisture, along with water vapor leaking, needs to be checked. If there is any moisture, This will not allow the object to function correctly. It is a must to get professional help in the installation

    3D Epoxy Flooring Restoration

    The shine of the floor can diminish by daily wear and tear. So, the restoration of the 3D floor needs after a time-period. We, JustChillz, provide, and utilize some quality products to make the 3D floor like before it was.

    Epoxy Floor Protection

    The 3D floor encounters several external damages, and it needs to be protected. Our professionals will provide some essential tips and suggestions of products to ensure the shine of the floor in the long run.

    3D Epoxy Flooring Maintenance

    Monthly maintenance helps to preserve the beauty of the 3D floor. Our experts will maintain the floor with some quality cleaning regimen, which will help to keep the floor shining all the time.

    3D Epoxy Flooring Service Charges



    3d Epoxy Flooring

    450 / sqft

    Metallic Epoxy Flooring

    300 / sqft

    Industrial Epoxy Flooring

    200 / sqft

    3d Designer Flooring

    400 / sqft

    Several 3D Epoxy Floorings you can Avail from Us.

    Besides the types of 3D flooring services, many materials are us for making an excellent 3D floor. Some types are:

    Self-leveling: This flooring is done in the areas where the existing floor is not very good, and the concrete ripped off from multiple places. These floorings are resistant to slipping and give more of an abstract look. The flooring is also available in many colors and designs.

    Mortar Floors: This 3D flooring is the most durable of all. These epoxy floors are100% graded sands. These floorings are also totally chemical-resistant.

    Quartz Epoxy: The flooring fill with a polymer resin that has colored grains. These floors are also much durable and last longer.

    Monochrome System: This Type of 3D flooring designs are in just black and white format. The maintenance and installation of these floors are done very quickly and give a fresh look, especially to the hallways and corridors.

    Multi-color Flooring: This 3D version of flooring is multi-colored and extra care is a need to maintain these floorings and last them for a more extended period.

    Metallic Flooring: The metallic flooring gives a shiny look and provides the ambiance that the carpet is done totally in metal.

    Fluorescent Flooring: The 3D Epoxy flooring is done in various types. The one rare model is the fluorescent one. 

    Why Just Chillz 3D Epoxy Flooring Services Only?

    There are some excellent reasons to convince a person to avail of the services of Just Chillz. The reasons are:

    On-Time Service: Just Chillz offers the services on a specified time basis. The company believes in providing customers the service that is on-time along with maintaining the utmost quality. Our professionals are well-trained in what they are doing. It gives us an edge in working in a time-efficient manner.

    Assured Quality: If the service is timely available, but no quality is providing, there is no point in providing on-time service. The company’s foundation is built upon the thought of serving the customers with the best possible quality.

    Affordable Pricing: The pricing that is set by the company is very aggressive. In comparison with the market, the pricing is very transparent and comes with not a single hidden cost.

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    If there is any need in the regions like Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, anyone can approach us to get the best 3D flooring service. Our telephone lines are on in the office hours, and the customer can call us on 9873575704 for 3d flooring service and click here to book an appointment.

    We also provide services all over India including tier 1 cities

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    1. How long will a 3D floor typically last?

    Right 3D flooring will last approximately 20 years.

    2. Where you can 3D flooring?

    3D flooring can install in any place such as a school, library, home, gym, etc.

    3. How long will professionals take to install the tile?

    It depends on the area that covers 3D flooring. For an average home, it may take 24-72 hours.

    4. Are these floors slippery?

    No, 3D flooring isn’t slippery at all. These floors have a texture with them that prevents accidental slips.

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