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    Refrigerator Repair And Service


    The refrigerator is one of the appliances that work continuously day and night keeping groceries and food items safe and healthy to consume. Once in a blue moon one may find that the refrigerator has gone through a breakdown or has stopped working. If the refrigerator stops working one might face a loss of dairy products and perishable food items which can’t be stored without a refrigerator. Replacing a refrigerator is not always a good idea as it may burn a hole in one’s pocket instead of refrigerator repair and service providers give a better solution. Just Chillz Services provide repairing services to all kinds of the refrigerator.

    Main Components Of Refrigerator Repair

    The refrigerator comprises two main components that are known as the heart and blood of the system. It includes a condenser coil and evaporator coil. A liquid coolant reaches the motor and compressor via condenser coil. The evaporator coil is responsible to cool the air in the unit via a liquid-filled coil.

    Types of Refrigerator That We Provide Repair Services

    • Top-Freezer Refrigerator Repair: This is one of the classic kinds of refrigerator which has been in use for more than a decade. Under this type having a refrigerator at the lower level. This model may vary as per the various brands like Samsung, LG, etc. depending on the budget of the client. The repair may be related to faulty coils or water leaking.
    • Side By Side Refrigerator Repair: This is a vertical refrigerator that has a vertical freezer and refrigerator next to each other. There is no shortage of storage, as well as these, use energy efficiently. Additionally, side by side refrigerators required low door swing space. The major issue of repair comprises of less cooling on the freezer side which can be easily solved.
    • Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Repair: This type of refrigerator provides a large storage space for both refrigerator and freezer. They have a variety of sizes and widths. The repair task under these forms of noise making freeze it may be due to fan motor is worn off and needs to be repaired.
    • French Door Refrigerator Repair: As commonly known as modern-day refrigerator, it gives a class apart look to the kitchen. It gives a lot of storage space and it opens one door at a time giving maximum cool air inside. French door refrigerator provides versatility in storage. French door doesn’t get any major issue tripping of an icebreaker.

    Types Of Refrigerator Repair And Service

    • Normal visiting or inspection service is about diagnosing the cause and provide a rough estimate for the type of service that needs to be done.
    • General service will include cleaning of coils, checking the cooling level. It doesn’t include the replacement of any part.
    • Installation of the newly purchased refrigerator.
    • Gas refill depends on the type of refrigerator if a single door 180 ltr and if double door 280 ltr.
    • Compressor replacement charges vary depending on the type of refrigerator.

    Things To Check Before Replacing Or Repairing A Refrigerator

    • Ensure the breaker is not tripped.
    • Check if the refrigerator is plugged properly and has a sound connection.
    • Check the coils make sure they are dust-free.
    • Replace the water filter if ice maker persists a problem.
    • Check if the ice maker isn’t turned off.

    When Does A Refrigerator Need To Get Repaired?

    Just Chillz Services Refrigerator repairs provide all kinds of solutions to repair works.

    • Water Leaking: It is dangerous for people walking around as one can easily slip off. The main cause of water leaking is blocked defrost drain which is located at the back wall of the refrigerator, it is caused due to the buildup of food particles clogging the draining hose. This can be solved by manually clean the valve or if it is broken one can change the water supply line.
    • Decrease In Freezer Cooling: The symptom of low cooling is the food stored getting sour and spoilt easily. If the freezer is not cool enough, one can make out by checking the evaporator fan not working. The dust blocks the air from moving between coils. These coils need to be replaced to increase freezer cooling.
    • Fresh Food Compartment Warms Up: The airflow is the main reason due to which the compartment warms up. The air moves via a diffuser that is located at the back of the freezer. The motor needs to be repaired or replaced if the evaporator fan is not running.
    • Ice Maker Is Overflowing: The ice maker overflows due to the low pressure of the water inlet valve. The issue of overflowing is solved by checking the water pressure which should be at 20 Psi if not replace the water inlet.
    • Refrigerator Is Freezing Food: The problem of the refrigerator is freezing food is due to faulty thermostat temperature control. The voltage of the compressor and evaporator is controlled by a thermostat. If the thermostat doesn’t give a click sound means it needs to be replaced.

    How Often Does A Refrigerator Need To Be Replaced

    A refrigerator repair and service should not be done frequently if it is well maintained. If the refrigerator is in the warranty period it should be repaired. The amount spent on repairing should be compared with replacement cost then and the only decision should be made.

    Refrigerator Repairing In Different Locations

    • Refrigerator Repair and Service In Delhi: Just Chillz Services provide repairing services all over Delhi including north, south, east and west Delhi.
    • Repair Refrigerator and Service In Ghaziabad: We deal in all brands and types of refrigerator now available at Ghaziabad too. We are a one-stop solution for all.
    • Refrigerator Repair and Service In Noida: Refrigerator repair services are mandatory before problems go too far as it may lead to more serious issues, thus we provide all kinds of repair services in Noida.
    • Refrigerator Repair and Service In Gurgaon: With a trained team of experts and professionals we ensure quality services at your doorstep. Just Chillz Services now in Gurgaon too.
    • Repair Refrigerator and Service In Faridabad: Refrigerator breaks down should be solved immediately to avoid wastage of food. We provide genuine solutions to all your problems without burning a hole in your pocket in all locations of Faridabad.

    Refrigerator Repair Cost in India

    Refrigerator Repairing ServiceCost Price
    Normal Inspection/Visiting ChargesRs. 299
    General ServiceRs. 499
    InstallationRs. 499
    Gas Filling Single Door (up to 180 Ltr.)Rs. 1999
    Gas Filling Double Door up to 280 LtrsRs. 2199
    Gas Filling Double Door up to 280-320 LtrsRs. 2499
    Gas Filling Double Door up to 321-400 LtrsRs. 2799
    Gas Filling Double Door up to 400-500 LtrsRs. 2999
    Gas Filling Double Door up to 500-600 LtrsRs. 3499
    Gas Filling Side by Side DoorRs. 3999

    Refrigerator Part Replacement Cost in India

    Fridge Parts/ReplacementCost Price
    RelayRs. 649
    Overload protectorRs. 649
    BiometalRs. 849
    Defrost timerRs. 1499
    Thermal SensorRs. 999
    ThermostatRs. 1250
    Freezer Fan MotorRs. 1500
    Dryer (freezer)Rs. 599
    Compressor Replacement(Single Door)Rs. 6000
    Compressor Replacement(Double Door)Rs. 7500
    Compressor Replacement (Side by Side)Rs. 9500
    Cooling coil (single door)Rs. 3000
    Cooling coil (double door)Rs. 4000
    Cooling coil (Side by side)Rs. 5500

    Why Get Refrigerator Repair By Us?

    We at just Chillz services provide the best refrigerator repair services near you. We have trained experts that repair refrigerators of all brands and types like Samsung, Whirlpool, LG, etc. By using the best quality parts we ensure to give the best quality services and true advice only. Thus by choosing us you already have hired the best.

    How To Contact And Book An Appointment?

    We provide refrigerator repair services all over Delhi NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad, and Ghaziabad. We are located at S-019B, Site 4, Kasna, Shopping Plaza, Gautam Budh Nagar Greater Noida, 201308. Call us at 9520671471 or drop an email at for an appointment. we will be at your doorstep providing you qualitative service. Just enter your details on the website and get an instant call back.

    Top Refrigerator Brands

    Bosch Fridge Repair
    Godrej Fridge Repair
    Samsung Fridge Repair
    LG Fridge Repair
    Haier Fridge Repair
    Voltas Fridge Repair
    Whirlpool Fridge Repair
    Panasonic Fridge Repair
    Siemens Fridge Repair
    Electrolux Fridge Repair
    Hitachi Fridge Repair
    Toshiba Fridge Repair
    Sharp Fridge Repair
    Videocon Fridge Repair
    Panasonic Fridge Repair

    Refrigerator Repair Service Faqs

    Q.1 How can I contact you?

    Just call the mentioned number and get an instant call back.

    Q.2 Can I reschedule the appointment?

    Yes, definitely rescheduling can be done as per the policy mentioned.

    Q.3 Which option shall I choose repairing or replacing the refrigerator?

    The most accurate advice will be given by our experts which shall ensure to not overgrow your budget.

    Q.4 Is it safe to allow servicemen in our houses?

    We assure only reliable people work with us and provide our clients with the best service.

    Q.5 What are the working hours of just Chillz Services?

    We work 24*7 for our member clients and non- member client’s working hours are 8 AM to 8 PM.

    Q.6 Is it safe by cards for services at Just Chillz Services?

    Yes, clients can always pay by cards we guarantee secure payment systems.

    Q.7 Are the servicemen qualified at Just Chillz Services?

    Yes, we have a team of experts that are well qualified and trained to solve all problems.

    Q.8 What is the warranty period for the replacement of spare parts?

    We ensure a warranty for 30 days for the replacement of spare parts.

    Q.9 What are the modes of payment available?

    Clients can choose to pay by debit card or card, net banking option and also cash on delivery option is available.

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