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    Metallic Epoxy Flooring

    The concept of flooring is revolutionized by this latest addition metallic epoxy. The interiors are getting more and more dear to the people and these floorings are turning out to be a very nice touch that a person can opt for while deciding on the interiors. The metallic epoxy is flooring that enhances the ambiance of a place instantly.

    The main feature for which this flooring is getting so popular is the sparkle that it produces when it’s installed and the unique design that it gives and at that time when it should be done professionally your floor is like “A Poured Liquid Metal”

    Features Of Metallic Epoxy Flooring

    There are some very unique features provided by metallic epoxy flooring. The features are:

    Metallic Glitter: The feature that is shown is the shine and glitter that this flooring has to offer. The smooth visual appearance adds up to the overall quality.

    Ripple Effect: This flooring is also very rich in terms of the effects that it provides. There are many effects such as ripple, 3D, marble design, etc. are there that looks very pleasing.

    Durability: Metallic epoxy is built by taking two elements and mixed well under a certain temperature. This process provides the flooring kind of high-quality hard plastic.

    Metallic Epoxy Flooring Designs

    There are generally three types of designs that are widely present in the market. These designs are also known as effects.

    Two-Tone Design: This design carries a dual-tone effect that comes from the base coat and single metallic color on top of it. Both colors give a two-tone effect that looks very elegant.

    Single Color: This design is more of a minimalistic approach. The base and metallic coating is done in the same color and gives a very clean effect.

    Dual-Color Effect: It’s not dual-tone, but dual-colored. This effect is achieved by a single base coat and then two different colors of metallic coating on top of it.

    Metallic Epoxy Flooring Advantages

    Along with giving such pleasing looks, the metallic epoxy has few other advantages as well. Some advantages are:

    Lower Risk of Damage: The metallic epoxy flooring carries a low risk of damages. Unlike the marble flooring that starts to look yellowish, metallic epoxy is going to look the same for longer times.

    Microbe-free: The joints of metallic epoxy pieces are done in such a clean manner than the debris and residue don’t get stick to it. A normal floor mopping will clean it all.

    Affordable: These floorings are getting affordable very quickly. In earlier days, it was a bit expensive but as demand is growing, the prices are getting lower.

    Services Related To Metallic Epoxy Flooring

    The services that we offer along with the installation is that we help you choose the best design that is suited for your place. Our professionals will also provide tips to maintain the flooring for longer times.

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    In how much time the metallic epoxy is ready to use?

    For normal foot traffic, it’s 18 hours and if there is going to be cars or any heavy load, then it’s 24 hours.

    How these floors are cleaned?

    Just like normal flooring, sweep away the dry particles, then use a mop to get the shine back.

    For how long metallic epoxy lasts?

    Generally, it depends on the traffic it is going through, the average time for them to last is 2-3 years.

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