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    No one can imagine a winter without a geyser now. To make sure the unit is working properly, professional repair services must be hired. The chilly winters can be devastating and people get a perfect excuse not to get bathed and stay unhygienic. A geyser is one of those appliances that give us the actual stress if they stop working properly. You should always have the best geyser repair service like Just Chillz just a call away.

    Geyser Repair Services Offered By Just Chillz

    Geyser Uninstallation/Removal: An appliance like a geyser also needs professional help to remove them or uninstall them in case of upgrading or shifting.

    General Service: Just Chillz also offers the general service that is needed at timely intervals. The general servicing of a geyser is needed every alternate year so it will not cost the person much.

    Parts Replacement Service: The list of services includes the replacement of parts like the thermostat or the element.

    Overall Repair: This package will include the servicing of the geyser and checking up on any leakage, proper functioning of valves, etc.

    In any case, there will be a visitation charge that the person will have to pay.  We recommend taking full advantage of our services as we are providing one of the most authentic geyser repair services

    Types Of Geysers We Offer Services For

    The services offered by Just Chillz are towards both the types of geysers.

    Instant Geyser Repair

    The most common problems that can come with the geyser is sometimes it gives less or excessively heated water. Our professional help will solve all the problems.

    Storage Geyser Repair

    Just Chillz also offers the services of repairing and parts replacement to the storage geysers of any size. The service charges are according to capacity of geyser.

    • storage geysers up to 25
    • liters and above 25 liters.

    Why Just Chillz Services?

    Customer Priority: Just Chillz believes in serving existing customers better rather than expanding the business all over with absolutely no customer satisfaction.

    In-time Service: If there is a complaint of some fault in the geyser, if we are not providing the same day service then there is no point in claiming ourselves as the best geyser repair service.

    Quality Product: All the products offered by us on the replacement are top quality and will give the person no problems.

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    Anyone who wants us to hire for our services, call us on 9520671471 for the services needed in Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, etc. We are also available through email, write to us at


    If you are bucket-bathing, a geyser of storage space of 15 liters will be enough.
    A general servicing will cost you somewhere around ₹400.
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