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    It doesn’t matter where you bought your washing machine, we are always at your beck and call.
    Whether you are searching for washing machine maintenance or repair we will get you covered in one shot. We are a customer service organization and always try to provide the best washing machine services for all our customers.

    Our service covers different areas comprising of installation, maintenance, repair along with doorstep delivery. We value our customers and since it is an arduous task and it is very difficult to perform all alone, we sent an expert team to get the job done quickly and effectively.

    So, connect with our washing machine repair wing at the Just Chillz services in Noida, Delhi, Gurgaon, Faridabad to sort things out in a jiffy. Our expert team will carry out all the proceedings at a budget-friendly rate.

    Types of Washing Machine Repair Service

    With our trusted washing machine installation and repair services, people in the locality are relieved from searching the top-notch washing machine repair services. We are flexible in providing maintenance for the top quality brand like LG, Whirlpool, Hitachi, Samsung, etc available in the market. 

    A washing machine is an important equipment in our daily life. Therefore, to make things simpler and hassle-free, we require smooth functioning at a faster rate without any lag. If such appliances stop functioning, it brings your life to a standstill. With this thought in mind, we have come up with installation and maintenance services of washing machines, so that the budding customers can reach out to us at your convenience.

    Types Of Washing Machine Repair Services Offered

    Repairing and maintenance of the washing machine is an uphill task and requires huge labor. This is not the work of a single individual. Being a busy person, you have huge responsibilities to perform regularly. This includes your office as well. 

    So if there is a drainage problem in your washing machine at the hour of need when you are getting ready for your office, it will be very annoying. In those situations, it is imperative to seek professional help which is only available if you join hands with our experts. So, you can rely on our trusted wings to sort things out quickly.

    Washing Machine Installation

    Our service includes the installation of the washing machine. Therefore if you need such kind of service, contact us immediately and our professional will reach there to install such a machine.

    Washing Machine Maintenance

    Opt for the service, if you want to uninstall your washing machine in case it stops functioning. If there is unusual behavior in the spinning of the washer, then look for our professional help. Our serviceman will come to your residence and perform all the required formalities.

    Drainage Clearance

    If the water is not draining properly or there has been a cram inside, then call us immediately, Our servicemen will rush to your doorstep to sort things out for you immediately.

    Sound Prevention

    If your machine is making a rattling sound, you can opt for our service. 24*7 service is there if you opt for professional help. Also, you will get 30 days of service guarantee against our repair service.

    Doorstep Delivery

    We are the best in town in terms of providing quality service within the stipulated deadline. Our experts will be there at your residence after getting the call. They will carry out a thorough inspection and will take the machine to the service center if required. The repairing process takes almost two days and after the repairing gets over the serviceman will deliver the product at your doorstep.

    Why Choose Us For Washing Machine Repair Service?

    • All the high-end professionals are hired after a stringent screening process. After they have gone through extensive training to provide quality work and reach out to the customers at the hour of need.
    • We have years of experience in providing the best washing machine service and that too on a timely basis.
    • Our professionals are well versed with different kinds of brands and so getting it back on track is not an issue.
    • When it comes to quality we are the best in this industry and that’s for sure.
    • Online booking facility is there and we have round the clock service. So if there is any problem even at midnight in Gurgaon, you can avail of our service.
    • Our experts are equipped with the latest technical know-how and will get your work done quickly.

    How To Book Appointments?

    To avoid any fraudulent activities and to make this seamless, we have introduced the online payment mode. After you opt for the particular type of service, a link will be sent to the designated mobile number through SMS or email. You just need to click on the verification link and after that, you need to enter the card details to complete the payment formalities.

    Reliable Washing Machine Repair Service at your Convenience

    Are you searching for the washing machine repair service in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad? Then, your search ends with us. Just call our customer support executive to sort out your queries.

    Don’t worry, you will get the best quality service. Mention all the details while writing the email to Just Chilliz Services and our professionals will get back to you quickly. Also, you book the appointment for washing machine repair service by clicking here.

    You can connect with us via different social media channels. We are abiding by certain protocols and try to follow it against all odds.


    What is the quality of the spare parts of the Washing Machine?

    We have come up with good quality authentic spare parts made by our inhouse team. However, you will get a 30-day service guarantee if you find any problem within that time frame.

    What is the cost of such a service?

    The professional will tell you about the recommended service and the final quote will be sent to you via email after finding any fault. You have the provision to select or else you can leave and go ahead.

    For which type of washing machines you will get the service?

    The experienced professionals will come to your residence for different kinds of problems related to the washing machine. You will get all sorts of facilities such as services for water leaking, sound problem, spinning, power problems, washing tub not functioning, water not draining and many more.

    Why is the washing machine making a noise?

    The obvious reason for such noise in the machine can be the small objects like nails that might get stuck inside it. To prevent such a situation in the future, you can straightaway call our executives in Delhi.

    Do you need to send your machine for repair services in Delhi?

    It is not at all required to send your machine to the service center. The serviceman will come to your residence directly and will take care of the proceedings.

    What is the duration of the repair process?

    On average the repair process will take 1-2 days. So you don’t have to wait too long.

    For which type of washing machine you will get technicians?

    In a cosmopolitan metropolis like Delhi, you will find a wide range of technicians to sort all your problems. You can easily book services online in case of any problem like leakage, sounds, the spinning of wash tube and many more. Just give a call and the concerned person will be there at your doorstep.

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