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    Guess which is the most populous city in the whole state of Haryana, It is Faridabad. It is situated in NCR and borders New Delhi. Interesting fact it is in the second list of Smart Cities Mission formulated by The Government of India. It is a leading industrial hub of Haryana and also claims to be the second most polluted city in the world by the WHO. Since AC is used in almost every second house in Faridabad. It is obvious that there have to be AC repair centers in Faridabad. In this article, we will tell you all about the AC repair services in Faridabad and the best service provider too. Before we go through the intricacies, it is essential to know the importance of ACs and AC repair services.

    Why JCS Best For AC Repair Service in Faridabad

    In today’s world, the most essential or important home appliances are Air conditioners. In the older generations, Air conditioners were used only by upper-class people and it was treated as a luxury to own it, but now it has become a necessity and an integral part of almost every other home on the street. Since it is been used regularly there are chances that your Air conditioner or AC might have breakdown or malfunctioning. It is a heartbreaking experience and you want an AC repair service in Faridabad to fix it as soon as possible. In this article, we will focus on AC repair service and will provide you with all possible details on where you could fix your AC, all places with AC repair services, the prices, and other details.

    What We Offer To You In AC Repair Service in Faridabad

    There are times when you observe that your AC is not giving filtered air or is not cooling, in such situations instead of panicking and without losing your cool, because now you get immediate assistance and you will find AC repair service centers in Faridabad easily without much effort. Here are professionals who are equipped with all necessary tools who proficiently handle all major or very minor Split AC or Window AC repair at any time convenient to you at prices that are not very high and are very affordable.

    There are different AC plans you can opt for like the annual AC plans like AC AMC, Yearly Home service packages. This proves not only by giving you the comfort and convenience of the AC repair services for your AC in the most convenient and is very cost-effective. They also provide various coverages like repair, replacement of ac parts, and ac gas refilling.

    Now that we know there are various AC repair centers in Faridabad, which is the best and whose services are worth the price, we would suggest Justchillzservices.Com. They offer standard satisfactory service to all their clients and want to grow to be the first-rate service providers within the entire enterprise. It is based in Noida and not only provides repair services for AC but also Geyser, Washing machine, Home carrier, and others. They have certified and experienced experts in every department in their service-based company.

    Since 2017, it has been increasing its offerings. It is the best platform since they provide services at very less, inexpensive, cheap and very reasonable rates that very common people like the usual taxpayer or any citizen could afford. They have special and unique services like PPC freelance service, 3D Epoxy Flooring, etc.

    Reasons Why You Need To Opt For Just Chillz Services

    • Guarantee on-time services
    • Assured best and obvious prices
    • Repaired by professionals and specialists
    • Service quality at its best

    You might be wondering what all services they provide and what their range of services are, so here is the detailed list of all the services they provide:

    Air Conditioner Or Ac Repair Services In Faridabad

    1. Repair Service
    2. AC Installation Service
    3. AC Gas Filling Service
    4. Window AC Repair Service
    5. Split AC Repair Service

    Ac Repair Service Prices in Faridabad

    Charges are mention below

    Services Charges
    Normal Inspection/Visiting Charge Rs. 249
    Window AC Wet Service Rs. 499
    Split AC Wet Service Rs. 599
    Water Leakage/Minor Repair Rs. 599
    Window AC Installation Rs. 700
    Split AC Installation Rs. 1700
    Window AC Removal Rs. 350
    Split AC Removal Rs. 900
    Gas Filling Window/Split AC Rs. 2000 – 4500
    PCB Repair Window AC / Split AC Rs. 1800
    AC Spare Parts On MRP
    Window/Split AC AMC Rs. 1500 – 7080
    Split or Window AC Compressor Rs. 10000 – 16000

    A Little More Clarity on The AC repair services in Faridabad We Provide

    Since portable ACs are not very common its services are not in reach of every technician and Justchillz services are trained to offer the required results. They ensure you to get the best air quality from both heating and cooling. JCS are aware of all the possible problems in the ACs and also all the solutions through their AC repair services. We try to fix the problems within a few hours without wasting much of the client’s time as well as theirs.

    The best fact is that their working schedule and meetings will be done as per your location and a requirement with an on-call support team which is proving to be very fast and convenient. They provide you with all the necessary details and keep you aware of the process along with its cost and working hours. The best part being they suggest you hacks that can save you from the AC repair services in Faridabad next time as they tell you how you can maintain the AC. They offer a preventive maintenance scheme which helps in saving money, reducing repairing costs with their annual maintenance contract, and all the other AC repair and maintenance hazards will be borne by them, providing 100% customer satisfaction.

    Through this article, we provided you an idea of how AC repair cases are very common and you can find AC repair centers easily in Faridabad and the best one being Justchillz Services. I hope the content helps you in choosing the right company to provide you with the best AC repair services in Faridabad.

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