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    AC is one of the important necessities particularly in the summer months to prevent our body from the excessive heat and relive our soul. Therefore, it should be in a top-notch condition during the summer months. With the advent of the summer season, it’s use increases at a considerable rate and so sometimes it stops functioning leading to permanent damage. Therefore, you need an authentic AC repair service to prevent your AC from malfunctioning.

    AC Services Offered by Just Chillz

    Compressor Service: The compressor of the AC is on the task to make pressure on the refrigerant and in turn, release the heat. There is also a lot of wiring in this unit. Many problems tend to develop as it’s the main unit of an AC that bears all the load. The service must be done by a professional otherwise the risk of the unit getting damaged goes very high.

    Fan Service: There are two fans in the AC, the one that blows air in the room and the other one resides in the outdoor housing. The indoor fan is called the evaporator and the outdoor one is called the condenser. The common problem that usually happens with any AC fan is blade bending, belts problem, and motor issues.

    Refrigerant Service: The leak usually happens in the refrigerant. The actual problem arises while finding the actual spot of the leak. Professional help must be taken in finding out the fault otherwise an amateur can damage your whole system.

    Types of AC Services We Provide

    Window AC Service: These Window AC services consist of filter cleaning, AC installation, AC maintenance service, drainage piping cleaning, repair services, checking of the gas level.

    Split AC Service: With the increase in the number of users, types of Split AC has been increasing at a considerable rate here in the northern part of India. This service includes the same as window AC including its maintenance, ac repair, and installation.

    Why We Are The Best in The Industry?

    • Verified Professionals: Most of our service professionals are working here for a long period and they will ensure quality service.
    • 100 % Satisfaction Guaranteed: We hire only the most experienced professionals to generate high-quality services so that they ensure quality results.
    • On-Time Arrival: We ensure our professionals will arrive at your doorstep on time, every time.
    • Cost-effective: If you think home-services is so costly, then you are wrong. The services offered by Just Chillz is budget-friendly.

    AC Service For Different Brands In India

    • Voltas AC Service
    • LG AC Service
    • Haier AC Service
    • Samsung Air Conditioner Service
    • Carrier Air Conditioner Service
    • Blue Star Air Conditioner Service
    • Hitachi Air Conditioner Service
    • Daikin Air Conditioner Service
    • Lloyd Air Conditioner Service
    • Godrej Air Conditioner Service
    • Kenstar Air Conditioner Service
    • Whirlpool Air Conditioner Service
    • Panasonic Air Conditioner Service
    • IFB Air Conditioner Service
    • Electrolux Air Conditioner Service

    One-Stop Solution For All Types of AC Service

    To avail of the best possible solution here in Noida or Gurgaon or Delhi or Faridabad, you need to contact the best repair professional. To provide you with a guaranteed service along with a warranty period.


    How frequently should the AC servicing be done?

    It doesn’t matter whether you are facing issues or not. You should get your AC checked at least once in a year from a recognized service agency.

    What is the perfect time to clean the AC filters?

    Well, there is no general rule, but you should clean the AC filters at least once a month. If you are residing in pollution affected regions of India like Delhi, then reduce the duration between cleaning.

    What are the common symptoms which signify AC needs immediate repair?

    The most common signs and symptoms include blowing of hot air, unusual noise from the AC machine, bad odor, high humidity and also water leakage. If you observe these, you need to contact the service professionals.

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