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    A washing machine is a tool that provides the highest comfort and is most beneficial to the housewives and those who are living alone. It can be a huge task to balance personal and office life. No one has time for any extra activity these days. The hectic office life is what everyone goes through and if any appliance or machinery as important as a washing machine stops working, getting it repaired is even a bigger task. Just Chillz understands the problem and is willing to offer the best washing machine repair service to the residents of Delhi, Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon, etc. For working people, this service is nothing less than a boon. 

    The importance of a washing machine can be understood by its high demand in the market. The technology has made some huge advancement and these machines now offer the whole process of washing without even touching the water. The residents cannot imagine their life without a washing machine as it saves a lot of time along with decreasing a lot of effort.

    Types of Services for Washing Machines

    .Just Chillz provides a whole range of services to the customers for any of their requirements in the case of washing machines. The services that we offer are more than enough in covering all the repair and installation needs. Also, the customers must not worry about the quality of the services as the thought process and priority behind any of the services offered by Just Chillz is customer satisfaction.

    Washing Machine Installation Service

    We offer the installation services of a brand new washing machine. In case the customer bought a washing machine and is confused about where and how to get it installed, our services can be a very big helping hand.

    Washing Machine Repair Service

    If the washing machine stopped working and now there is no way to wash the clothes, there is no need for the customer to panic. We are here to get it do and make it work for you like before. The repair service is a very crucial part and the person must get it resolve by a our professional.

    General Servicing

    Just Chillz also provides a package that contains general servicing at the minimum price. The team of professionals will visit the place and perform an overall checkup along with oiling and greasing.

    Washing Machines We Provide Services For

    The services are provided on all types of washing machines and some major ones are:

    Automatic and Semi-automatic Service 

    Just Chillz offers the services on both the machines. There is a list of service package that a person can opt for each type separately. The automatic and semi-automatic machines are repair by our professionals. 

    Top Loading Washing Machine Service

    Most of the top-loading machines come under the category of semi-automatic. These machines have two separate compartments and need a bit of extra effort in operating. The servicing, however, is a bit too easy of this type.

    Front Loading Washing Machine Service

    A whole range of services is offer for these machines as well. These machines are generally fully-automatic. As there is a single compartment that handles everything, the operation is extremely easy and the services related to it are a bit difficult and need extra attention.

    Reasons Why Just Chillz Only?

    In the span of providing a whole range of services, most of us forget that maintaining quality is also as important. We claim to provide the best of all washing machine service providers based on some exclusive features that competitors don’t offer.

    Educated Professionals: The technicians provided by Just Chillz offer the customer to clear any confusion regarding the machine they opted servicing for. The professionals are has high number of experience and carry thorough knowledge of what they are doing.

    Customer Relations: We value our relationship with the customer more than increasing the number of customers. When we have a customer that is fully satisfied, he/she will advertise for us without asking. The quality over quantity isn’t any myth and is very helpful in growing a business.

    Time-bound Service: The services will be rendered at the specified time. There will be no delay or extra waiting period. Customers like the service providers who deliver the promised services in the promised time.

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    The services are offer in the regions of Delhi, Noida, Faridabad, etc. and anyone can book an appointment by calling us on 9520671471 or also can write to us at info(at)justchillzservices.com. Book directly from the website:


    The average time for the technician to visit is 1-2 hours.

    No, the charges that will be update you at the time of appointment are the final pricing.

    No, there will be no need to produce receipts while getting any of our services.
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