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    This ceiling concept is comparatively a new one where a separate frame is suspended from the actual ceiling. It contains different structures and patterns that depict a cool 3D effect. In a city like Gurugram, there are not many people who have this ceiling installed. Places like offices and corridors are the best places to install this modern design ceiling. We are in this market since its very inception and that helped us become one of the best providers of stretch ceiling service Gurugram.

    Types of stretch ceiling Services in Gurgaon

    The services rendered by us cover all the related aspects of a 3D stretch ceiling in Gurugram.

    Stretch Ceiling Installation: The service rendered by us for the installation is done very efficiently and all safety measures are taken care of.

    Repairs: In case there is anything that caused damage to the membrane, we also offer the services to repair the ceiling.

    Inspection: If you want to get the ceiling installed but confused about type and design, we also provide the service of suggesting you the best design.

    Stretch Ceiling Maintenance: There are also a set of tips that are provided by us to help you increase the life of your 3D stretch ceiling.

    Types of 3D Stretch Ceiling

    Cone Design: This design in the 3D stretch ceiling features a conical design and the base can be of any shape such as oval, rectangular, etc.

    Dome Design: The dome design of the ceiling comes in a very elegant design where it blends magically with the wall forming a circular or arch shape. 

    Wave Design: The designs like that of sand dunes or sea waves are incorporated in this design of the 3D stretch ceiling. There are various other designs also that can be formed in the design of a wave.

    Offer Us A Chance, Why?

    Customer Satisfaction: We put customer satisfaction on top. We will not leave the premise until and unless the customer is fully satisfied and get what she/he expected.

    Online Support: We also provide continuous support online where you can get the answer to any of your queries.

    Quality Service: We ensure that the service which we are providing is of top-notch quality. The number of customers doesn’t matter to us if the quality is compromised.

    Book An Appointment For Stretch Ceiling Service in Gurugram

    If you find the best 3D Stretch Ceiling service in Gurgaon, then the search will end here. To avail of the best services for your place, you can call us directly on our number +91 9873575704 and the email is info@justchillzservices.com where you can ask any query. You can also book an appointment through our website link. Our professionals will get in touch with you with the best possible solution. 

    Stretch Ceiling Services in Different Locations

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    Q.1 – What is the distance from the actual ceiling?

    3D stretch ceiling is installed on about 4-5 cms from the ceiling.

    Q.2 – How much time does it take to install?

    In an area of around 25 sq. mt., it takes 5-6 hours to completely install.

    Q.3 – Can this ceiling be personalized?

    Yes, you can print your design and pictures to be installed as a stretch ceiling.

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