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    Washing Machine Installation

    A washing machine is now an important part of our lives. It takes the burden of washing from us and fulfills the purpose with just some buttons. A washing machine turns out to be the best time-saving tool in the modern busy life. No one gets the time these days to wash their clothes by hand. These machines also need proper washing machine installation services to function well. The importance of these machines also increases when it comes to people being allergic to the washing powders. However, it is the perfect alternative to wash the clothes and give relaxation to the hands. Without proper installation, there may be many problems that can arise.

    Installation Services Provided by Us

    Along with the major types of washing machines installation, there is also a section that is needed to be considered before installation.

    Front Loading Washing Machine Installation

    The washing machine comes with the front opening from where the clothes need to be put in. The installation of these machines should be done in a way that at least 3-4 feet space is provided in the front. This space will allow the person to easily load and unload the machine.

    Top Loading Washing Machine Installation

    The installation is very simple for this type of machine. The machine can be place in a tight spot. The loading mechanism be  do from the top part. There is a lid provided for the sections, washer, and dryer. These machines are mostly from the semi-automatic category.

    Types of Washing Machines

    The major types of washing machines are only two.

    Automatic Washing Machine Installation

    This type will handle everything after you select the wash type. From filling up to deciding on washing cycles, drainage, and spinning to get rid of extra moisture, these washing machines will do it all for you. 

    Semi-automatic Washing Machine Installation

    The washing part is automatic but the process is manual. The machine needs someone to get operated. The filling will be done manually, then the clothes will be needed to transfer to another section to get spin to get rid of moisture. These machines let the person have more authority over the whole process but need extra time and attention.

    Why Give Just Chillz Services A Chance?

    The services rendered by Just Chillz offers a lot of satisfaction and keep the stress away to a very extent. Our focus is always on quality. Some reasons to convince people to provide us with a chance to serve them in a better way are:

    Customer Satisfaction: Just Chillz believes in providing the best possible customer satisfaction. We believe that if a customer isn’t satisfied with the services, then there is no point in claiming ourselves one of the best washing machine installation service providers.

    Trained Professionals: The technicians provided by us are fully trained and know the task completely that they are doing. If the installation is given in the wrong hands, there may be many problems that keep occurring over time. Our professionals will fully understand what the customer required and will get it done for him/her. 

    Affordable Pricing: The pricing that is set by Just Chillz offers a lot of perspective about the services. The pricing is very affordable and comes with no hidden cost as well. 

    Quality Service: The foundation of our company is built upon serving the customer with quality and not worry about quantity at all. When the services rendered will be top-notch, the number of customers will automatically increase. If the focus will be covering more areas and the number of customers, there will be some sure-shot compromises in the quality segment.

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    No, the technicians will provide the services at the doorstep and all the requirements and needs will be fulfilled there only.

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    Q.3 What if I am not a resident of Delhi-NCR?

    Our services locations are Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad.

    The customer will only have to make sure that the electric and water supply is proper.

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