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AC Installation

The AC installation services are one of the very key prospects when it comes to getting an air conditioner. An AC doesn’t only keep the building away from heat, but also it protects the whole furniture and books present there. The importance of good AC can be witnessed when the mercury decides to take a walk uphill. Almost the whole north India that has cities like New Delhi, Faridabad, etc. experience this weather every year

AC Service You Can Get From JustChillz

There are many packages available to get the service done of an air conditioner. The packages that include different services are:

AC Installation Service:
JustChilz offers a 30-days guarantee after installation of new AC. The professionals will find the perfect place to install the new AC in your home.

AC Uninstallation Services:
The cleaning through the wet method by Just Chillz offers you the service to get your AC thoroughly cleaned. In a window AC set up, the cleaning includes parts like the coil, filter, drainage pipe, and checking on the level of the gas. The same service package is provided for the split AC as well.

Types Of ACs & Their Service

There are commonly 3 types of ACs and the service also varies from type-to-type.

Split AC Installation:
The split AC is installed in two units, outdoor and indoor. These AC units are widely used due to their silent working and also provides an elegant and clean look to the interior. Both the units are connected by the tube and wire and don’t take much effort to complete the installation.

Window AC Installation:
This is the most common type and the installation of these AC units may be a bit tricky sometimes. This type is also known as room ACs and come in the form of a single unit. The AC unit also comes with a design and opening that enables an individual to set the direction of the airflow.

Why We Are The Best in The Industry?

  • Central AC Installation:
    The best kind of air conditioner if there is a need to cover a big area. The only difficulty is that it tends to be on a bit of a higher budget. The installation of this AC can also be a bit tricky. However, a technician will face no problem and will make it for you in 1-2 days.

Why One Should Hire Just Chillz?

When you are in Noida, Delhi-NCR, Gurgaon, Faridabad, JustChillz is thebest AC installation service you could ask for. You can directly call us at AC installation number 9873575704 to save you a lot of effort and time. You can also book an appointment by clicking here.

AC Fitting: FAQs

You must get the servicing done every 3 months.

It will take just 45 minutes to complete the whole service.

You just have to permit us to enter your society and power along with water supply should be there.
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