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    Washing Machine Repair

    The machinery can require servicing anytime, it doesn’t matter if it is purchased yesterday or a year before. Machinery like a washing machine is used extensively and any damage can occur anytime. The washing machine repair services need to be closely monitored and only a professional should do it. A single minor error can cause the whole machinery to get in a bigger fault. The washing machine repair service is an area that cannot be handled by amateurs. 

    When the washing machine stops working, it seems like the whole cycle came to a halt. The busy modern lifestyle only allows the user to wash their clothes on a weekly basis. In case, it stopped working while washing, a panic attack is obvious. We understand the problem and its gravity. The customer doesn’t need to be worried at all and all s/he has to do is call us and sit back and chill.

    The services rendered by our technicians are best-in-class in both aspects of quality, as well as cost-effectiveness.

    Washing Machine Repair Services

    There are many washing machine repair services that come under the head of repairs. There are many details that need to be repaired by professionals only. Some of the parts of the washing machine that generally get damaged or need regular servicing are:
    <h3General Repair 

    An individual must call a professional if there is any unusual activity is seen by him/her. Ignoring it can cause bigger problems. The person can also opt for general inspection on fixed intervals to avoid any problem and allow the machinery to keep working properly and for longer times.

    Changing the Parts

    The repair service also includes the removal of an existing unit in case the person is replacing it or shifting to a new place. Un-installation is not an easy task, one must need to take extra care not to damage any part while the process of removal.

    Clearing the Drainage

    The washing machine works on a drainage mechanism. It is seen in many cases that the drainage system gets gradually blocking up and eventually cause some serious problems. As it is installed inside the machinery, it is recommended to get professional help to get it cleaned.

    Sound Problem

    This is a very common issue in almost all the washing machines. It usually happens when there is extra or less load. But, that’s not the only reason. It can also be due to any other fault. The user must get it checked by our highly experienced professionals. 

    Repair Services Of Different Washing Machines

    Just Chillz offers the set of services on different types of washing machines and some services are:

    Top & Front Loading Washing Machine

    Just Chillz offers its services on both types of machines. The machinery and operation of the machines are totally different and need to be handled well by the professionals. The services on both the machines are made much affordable and there are no hidden costs as well.

    Automatic & Semi-automatic Washing Machine

    Services rendered by Just Chillz offer the repairs on both the operating types. The repairs cover a whole range of services and customers can choose different package options.

    Give Just Chillz A Chance. Why?

    The company is willing to offer a lot of features that multiplies with the services. The foundation and mindset of Just Chillz are based on customer satisfaction and providing quality service is always a priority. In the course of getting business to grow and make the presence, many service providers forget to realize that existing customers hold more value than the future ones. We claim to be the best washing machine repair service provider because:

    Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction: One of the many reasons that customers find us reliable is that Just Chillz Services always put customer satisfaction on top priority. We believe in serving the existing ones better rather than focusing on expanding the business all the time.

    Reliability: Just Chillz also takes a guarantee of 30 days for the servicing or repair they have done. If the same problem arises within 30 days, there will be no charges for the visit and repairing. The customer has to pay the cost of the part though.

    24*7 Support: Our online support is available all the time. There is absolutely no time frame that comes with making the appointment. You can make the appointment through the website anytime.

    Call Washing Machine Repair Service Now

    The residents of Delhi-NCR can give us the call right now if they are going through any problem of not finding any good repair service. Call us on 9520671471 for a washing machine repair or also can book an appointment by clicking here.


    When a machine works regularly, it’s obvious that it will need oiling and greasing to keep working efficiently.

    Our services can be sought when there is any leakage, sound problem, drainage, etc.

    It depends on the region you are living in and the problem that is in the washing machine.

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