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    Just Chillz Services will apply some charges on the policy of cancellation of the service. If the customer wants to cancel the service on the day of service. He/She needs to cancel before 2 hours from the arrival timing of servicemen. If a customer did not cancel the service before two hours. There will be a certain amount of cancellation charges taken.

    These cancellation charges are related to the service of AC service, Washing Machine, Refrigerator. Including the Gyser and other services related to electricians and plumbers.

    The Rules

    1. like above, if the customer wants to cancel their order. They should do it before two hours. If they didn’t do it the charges will apply to the customer.
    1. customers should cancel their order by the mobile application, website or via call/messages.
    1. if the customer confirms the order before two hours and then cancels. A payable fee will be taken. A customer cannot place the order and cancel it in the meantime of two hours.
    1. if our servicemen come late by 15 to 20 minutes. You may want to cancel your order at that time, no charges will be taken. There will no amount will be taken by us for your order cancellation.
    1. if the staff member of Just Chillz didn’t pay the visit timing of service. We won’t take any kind of money from the customer. Even if there is a reason that if he didn’t come on the schedule timing. We will surely not take any money from the customer as a service charge.
    1. if there is an internal reason or any situation Just Chillz has full authority to cancel. It is not bound to any legal actions.

    Cancellation Policy of Just Chillz For The Other Services

    The service charges of Just Chillz on cancellation is above Rs. 200 and Rs. 300. Like the cancellation of services of geyser and AC installers. This will also need to be informed before two hours.

    The rules are pretty much the same

    1. if the customer cancels the order before two hours from timing, no charges are applicable. But she/he cancels after that cancellation charges will be taken.
    1. Just Chillz is not liable to anyone for the cancellation of the order. Even if there is a situation of emergency.
    1. if you book and cancel the order at the same time there will be fees. Customers have to pay for it according to their services.
    1. if the serviceman is late then we will not take fees from you. Nor any cancellation charges but if only after fifteen minutes late.
    1. if the servicemen didn’t come for some reason on a given time, no charges applied.
    1. the order cancellation needs to be done on websites and mobile app only.

    Refund on AC AMC

    1. The cancellation should be done on before 1 hour to avoid charges. There are service packages for AC AMC. So, the charges will be applied differently according to packages. They are applied as packages that are selected by the customers.
    1. Cancellation of the services of Just Chillz should be done on our website for AC AMC.
    1. If the customer cancels the order for the selected service package. If done within 1 hour of the delivery time the charges will be taken. Although, service will be canceled.
    1. If the staff member is late the service will be free of cost. No charges will be taken.
    1. like said in the cancellation of the order if there are many reasons. Just Chillz is not liable to anyone.
    1. if the staff cancels the visit no fees will be taken by Just Chillz.

    Refund on The Packages

    There are some charges on the selected packages which are given below.

    For example,

    If the packages of Rs.999. 

    Then the amount of service including taxes will be on it is 846.

    Two services of our staff will be Rs.300 each means Rs.600 for both.

    Then the Refund to the customer will be of Rs.240.

    Or the package is of a higher amount.

    Like above Rs.3999.

    Then the amount of service plus taxes will be of Rs.3389.

    And the ten services which are given and their amount will be Rs.300.

    Then the refund amount will be Rs.389.

    The Just Chillz Services are only refundable on higher packages and services of the servicemen. We have already included tax and the given service amount will be taken from it. Whatever is remaining is given as a refunding amount. The refund will be given after the customer query and within 15 days after services. This will happen only if the Just Chillz Services accept the faulty services and accept the refund.

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