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    Industrial epoxy flooring is used in industries and factories in a very common way. The purpose of these floorings is to serve the company for longer times and also provide elegant flooring. The flooring in an industrial setup needs to be of top-notch quality as there are multiple heavy payloads that continuously remain there. The industrial epoxy installation is done on the concrete floor to give the shipments and loads an easy surface to move.

    Features of Industrial Epoxy Flooring

    This epoxy flooring is feature-packed and that’s the reason it is used by many industries now.

    Strong Bond: The materials mixed for making this floor create a very strong bond and provides extreme durability. The flooring is also resistant to moisture and water.

    Glossy Design: The overall look that this flooring gives is all shiny and glossy. The flooring also helps the place in getting brighter. 

    Robust Build: The final result is amazing that you get when the installation is complete. It can bear any amount of traffic and will show no sign of wear and tear anytime soon.

    Easy Cleaning: As it is a new and different type of flooring, the person should not worry about the cleaning process. You can easily clean it just like any other flooring. Sweeping and mopping will make it as a new one.

    Designs in Industrial Epoxy Flooring

    The flooring comes in different types and design elements. Some of them are:

    Epoxy Thin Coating

    This type of epoxy is simple and a better choice for the areas that are only meant to go through foot traffic only.

    Mortar Epoxy

    The mortar epoxy is best for warehouses and storage vaults. The thickness of this flooring is around 0.25”. Mortar epoxy is capable of bearing the temperature up to 200-degree. 


    The design and construction structure of this epoxy is done in such a way that it creates a bond where microbes don’t tend to grow. It increases the life of the flooring.

    Why Industrial Epoxy Flooring is Better?

    Industrial epoxy is better in comparison to other flooring options. It provides a good durability and the cost is also very much affordable. The shiny and glossy look of this flooring helps your place to stay brighter and airier.

    Industries are opting for it as the surface that this flooring has to offer is a very easy one to move heavy loads around. As it’s installed on concrete flooring, your actual floor is also saved from deterioration.

    Industrial Epoxy Services

    We offer the best industrial epoxy service in the market. The professionals are has a good number of experience in the field of epoxy. The services that we render also come at very attractive pricing. 

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    You can visit our website to book an appointment. The option to schedule is also available and you can also call us on 9873575704 during the working hours. The cost along with other details is present on the website.


    Industrial epoxy will cost you around INR 150/ per sq. ft.

    Yes, you can. But, it’s not recommend as there are various factors that need to be consider and only a professional should do it.

    Industrial epoxy will be ready after 24 hours of installation.
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