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    Herein, in this privacy policy, the user has been referred to as “you”, whereas our Just Chillz Services has been referred to as “Just Chillz”. Just Chillz is the operator and owner of the Just Chillz Services and are the providers of various services that can be viewed on our website.

    You have the right to not be willing to and not to supply any information that may be able to identify you personally. If you do proceed to share any form of information about yourself with Just Chillz and/ or intend to view Just Chillz, you will be doing so completely of your own risk and volition, all after you have read and confirmed this privacy policy as written.

    Just Chillz has all the respect in the world for your private information, and thus we do want you to get informed about and aware of the information collection process we apply at Just Chillz. This policy and all the clauses thus stated are also applicable to our website, Just Chillz and other services we provide as a part of Just Chillz Services. We urge you to look at all the following pointers and clauses to get to know all the information you can get about our process of information dissemination and gathering we employ here at Just Chillz. Look at these clauses and only when you are 100% sure you want to proceed with hiring Just Chillz Services, you may go forward and do so.

    We take it that by using our services in the form of our website or the actual services of Just Chillz, you have provided your consent to our information gathering process and are willing to accept all the clauses hereby listed. By visiting either our website or our app or by employing our services, you can choose to accept our privacy policy along with all its clauses. If you are unable to accept the clauses that we provide with this privacy policy at Just Chillz, we will advise you to try not to use our services.

    Important Points

    The privacy policy that has been provided to you by Just Chillz is subject to major or minor changes at any time. Please keep in mind to view this policy at periods to be aware of any changes that may have been made. Make sure that you do agree with the newly introduced or previously changed clauses because if you don’t, it would be recommended to not subscribe to our services at Just Chillz any longer.

    By merely accessing our website, let alone making use of all the services provided at Just Chillz, you explicitly express that you consent to the clauses provided by our privacy policy considering the usage and disclosure of your information that you provide, which may even be personal.

    1. Collection of Personal Information And Other Details

    When you access any of our services which includes the use of our website, we are liable to ab able to store and collect which is provided by you, the user periodically. Please know that our major purpose for doing so is to, in the end, provide you an overall smooth, efficient, safe and customized experience. This helps us provide you with various features and services from Just Chillz that will most likely reach the level of your needs. More importantly, we only collect the information that we feel is necessary to provide you with the most optimized experience that Just Chillz can provide.

    We define “personal information” as including various details about you that either on its own or when combined with other pieces of information can, therefore, be used to be able to identify you readily or be able to contact you which includes details like names and addresses, phone numbers, storage, access to a microphone or a camera among many others.

    We don’t only collect personal information from the subscribers of our service. We also take the personal and required details from the professionals who are responsible for providing you with the services of Just Chillz. These service professionals are people who provide you with their services and range of products. This information may, in turn, be accessible completely or partially for subscribers of our services. This can be accessed either directly or by providing a form of a request for the service to be provided. The customers of Just Chillz are required to be able to create an entry of their personal information if they wish to have access to our services and products.

    Considering the consumers of our services, during the process of your registration on our website or related to our services, we will be collecting information from you regarding yourself, including details like your telephone number, your name, your postal code, your address, your email address, and other demographic related information. We may also collect various of your personal information that you list in your profile, wants and needs, feedbacks or any other comments made on our website. This also includes any of the comments you may provide while a dispute is being resolved or when you discuss in any form of a blog or chat room on the website.

    Just Chillz also reserves the right to be able to record any conversation you may decide to partake in with any of our service professionals, that has been made possible due to the facilitation provided by Just Chillz Services. All the chats and messaging logs and the calls are recorded to be able to prevent the abuse of our services while also leading to the safeguarding of the rights of our employees and consumers as well, and thereafter resolve any disputes.

    According to our needs, if we here at Just Chillz deem it necessary, then in our absolute discretion, we can also ask for any form of supplemental information from any form of third-party, an example being the credit you have through a credit bureau which in turn, helps us to cross-check and verify all the details you may have provided us during the process of registration. You may be able to generally browse our services and our website without the need of revealing your identity, but when you provide us with your personal information, you lose your anonymity. We provide you with which information is essential to provide and which is rather optional. At any point, you can choose to opt-out of the provision of your information to us by opting to not choose the services we provide you.

    Not only this, but we may also make use of the “cookies” to allow you to enter your password fewer times during a session, thus saving you the effort of doing so over and over again. Cookies used in such cases help us gain information targeted to you and helps us to be able to make the experience better tailored to you and your preferences. If your browser permits, you have the ability to opt-out of this whenever you need it, but this may limit some of the features our website provides. Not all cookies are provided by us though, as some may also be used by third parties in these cases which may include the advertisement service providers.

    In case you opt for our services at Just Chillz, we also need more of your personal information that includes details needed for this transaction like your billing address, credit card number, expiration date and other payment details that may be required. We also collect the information you provide to us when you choose to contact and converse on any of our messages and calls. We retain such data to be used to solve disputes, provide some form of customer support or even be able to troubleshoot any arising problems. We may also collect information specific to you if we are contacted by you, or by a third-party related to you through the use of correspondence letters.

    For this, we collect more of your information which could be used to identify you personally which includes email addresses, and phone numbers among others. We use your contact information in various cases, to send you various offers with a correlation to your previous orders and interests. In case you opt for any of the additional schemes, facilities and services provided by Just Chillz, you will be required to provide more of your information which will further be stored as more of your personal information and will be then considered just as confidential as your other information, which will all be stored in our database.

    2. Collection of Personal Data From Social Networking Websites

    We also provide our customers with a login to our website or our application using a social networking account of theirs. This social networking or social media account may be of Facebook, or a google account, among others. This will require you to be able to enter the username and the password for the chosen social networking account to verify that the account does belong to you. We will ask you to allow us access to your social networking account and the access to verify and execute some actions related to some applications in some cases. This information that you provide through your social networking account includes various information ranging from your name, profile picture, user id’s, gender, date of birth, list of friends and your date of birth. We also have access to any other information that has been set to the public in your social media accounts.

    The information we gain from this social media site of yours is stored alongside all the other information you have entered while interacting with the website or any other of our services. In these cases, the concerned social network for which you provided us the account to, is what controls the flow of information and how much information it accesses from you. You may wish to consult their privacy policies to consider how they control their flow of information. This will list how they choose to store access and display all the information you provide them with. You should realize this that we have no control over and say in how third-party websites, which in this case are the social networking sites access your data and how they use or disclose your personal information that it has collected through your interactions with them.

    3. Use of The Profile Data or The Demographics of Your Information

    We make use of the personal information you have provided us through our interactions on the website or in real life to provide you with the services you may have requested at the moment. We use this personal information to a certain extent as we use it to provide you with the right products and services to market to you. You will be provided the ability to be able to opt-out of such services if you do wish to do so. Moreover, your personal information that we have access to may be used to solve any disputes or troubleshoot any problems that may occur. They may also be used to provide a service that we guarantee you will be safe, or to collect information.

    It will also be used for the following purposes: inform you about online or offline offers on services, measure you interest as a consumer in such services, detect any errors and protect the customer against them, fraud and other criminal activity and enforce the terms and conditions as can be seen on our website, and as has been described to you in the period of collection.

    We make continuous and non-stop efforts to provide you better services by inherently improving our products through your input. To do so, we also collect your information and analyze your demographic and collect some profile data about your activity on our website. We monitor and identify your IP address only when needed as it helps us to diagnose any problem that may have occurred in our server, along with the task to administer our website. Your IP Address helps us to be able to identify you and helps us to be able to quickly gain a piece of broader information about your demographic.

    We may also periodically ask you to participate in a form of an online survey which will be completely optional. This kind of survey may usually ask you about demographic information and other contact information in the form of your zip code, age or recorded income level. We make use of this information you provide us to tailor together the perfect experience we can provide you. This allows us to display content that we think will interest you and will be useful to you, thus making your own time way more productive, by making the products and services closer to your preferences.

    4. Use of Cookies And Collection of Automated Information And Other Devices

    We, along with our various third-party service providers which may include the ad networks use web beacons and cookies among other tracking technologies to be able to collect more information about the use you make of our website and services. This includes details like the browser type you are using, your ISP or perhaps the operating system you are using, your IP address and your page views. It also includes your domain name, access time and URLs of any previous websites you may have visited. We also track how frequently you pay a visit to our website and other services.

    We make use of this information you provided us, along with the information provided to us by the third-party service providers as mentioned above to form overall website analytics that helps us to make our website better. They help us by telling which factors of the website the users like and what pages of the website were visited most frequently by the users and customers. This allows us to be able to keep track of the success achieved by our advertisement campaigns and how effective they were in grabbing customers’ attention. This includes as otherwise that may have been described in this privacy policy as stated. We also use your device ID, which helps prevent fraud.

    Cookies are files that are used by us and many of our other third-service party providers to collect information from you, to make our website progress. A cookie can be seen as a small file on the hard drive of the computer owned by the customer. This contains information about the user. This helps us analyze the traffic on the website or how you use a particular website by informing you. Cookies are what allows website and online applications to respond to you as a different person from the rest. This allows it to tailor its operations and values to your needs, dislikes, and likes. We may send one or more cookies to our website when you end up visiting our website, to identify the browser, you accessed us from.

    Some of these cookies are in turn, connected to the third-party services providers that we listed above. The terms, conditions and the further statistics of these cookies are controlled by the concerned third-party in this case and have no connection to how we use our cookies. For more information on this, you can refer to the third-party’s privacy policy on their website, as we are not responsible for any of it. When you access the website, you can personally choose to disable the cookies. Although most computers have the setting to automatically accept the usage of cookies, you may use the setting to change that to decline the access to cookies to some services you may not like.

    But remember this, if you disable cookies you may be blocked from having the fully experience our website and services may usually be able to provide you as they will not be tailored to you, making them more compatible with your personality. The final choice to enable or disable cookies still stays with you.

    5. Sharing of Your Provided Personal Information

    Whenever we ask for your personal information, keep in mind that we can share this information with any of our other corporate entities and affiliates. This is done to help with the prevention of any further cases for identifying that may occur. Not only that, but it also prevents cases of fraud and other potentially illegal acts. It also allows us to correlate any related or other multiple accounts you may have, to prevent the abuse of the services we provide, and to help with the co-branded or joint services where any form of these services is provided by a combination of corporate entities. These corporate entities will not be able to market any of their products to you unless you explicitly express your consent to the marketing of these services.

    Keep in mind, that we may be compelled to release any such personal information of yours if we are liable to do so, required to do so by law, or in the faith of any form of good belief that disclosure of such personal information is required for users to respond to court orders and other legal processes. We also might disclose the personal information provided to third-party rights owners or law enforcement offices, or in faith of certain good belief that such a disclosure of your information will be used to: enforce our terms and conditions or privacy policy; respond to proposed claims that any of the advertisements shown, or any other content leads to a violation of the rights of a certain third-party; or to protect the rights, safety or property of our customers or the public.

    Just Chillz and any of our other affiliates will indeed share or sell your information provided to us, either a fraction of it or all of it, with another entity related to business in case we or our assets were planned to merge with or were completely acquired by the concerned business entity, or in cases of amalgamation or reorganization, or the restructuring of the business at hand. In the case that such a business-related transaction occurs, the business entity that took our assets or the new combined entity formed as a result will be required by law to follow the privacy policy as mentioned here when it comes to the regards of your personal information.

    6. How Your Personal Information Is Being Used

    We collect personal information from you and aggregate that information about the use of our website and services which enables us to better understand your needs and also to provide you a better experience with our website. Your personal information, which was collected by us may be specifically used for any of the following reasons:

    To provide you with our services, which includes registering you for our services, your identity, and authority verification to use our services, and also in enabling you to use our services and our website/mobile app;

    In processing billing and payment, which includes sharing with payment gateways of the third party that are in connection with Just Chillz’s products and services and/or with the website/ mobile application;

    For responding to your inquiries and for customer support;

    In improving and maintaining our services and our website/ mobile app (for example, the information entered through the “search” function will be tracked by us; which helps us in determining the areas at which our users through website /mobile app likes the most and areas that we may want to enhance; when applicable, we will also use for trouble-shooting purposes);

    To contact you via telephone, email, text message, facsimile or mail, or, where requested, to deliver certain services or information that is requested by you;

    For the market research purpose of Just Chillz, which includes, but are not limited to, the website customization according to your interests;

    For internal record-keeping

    To make our users update regarding new products from Just Chillz services, special offers from us or other information about Just Chillz services which we think you may find interesting by periodically sending you promotional emails to the email address that you have provided;

    Your demographic information (i.e., age, residential and commercial addresses, postal code, and other various data) may be used by us in facilitating the promotion for goods and services much more effectively to the appropriate target audiences and also for other research and analytical purposes;

    In resolving disputes, and to protect ourselves and other users of our services and website, and to enforce our terms of use;

    We also may compare your personal information that is collected through the website and services with personal information collected from third parties in verifying accuracy; and

    Your personal information that we collect about you will be combined with the aggregate data.

    Just Chillz may use personal information from time to time, for new and unpredicted uses that are not previously disclosed in our privacy policy. Just Chillz shall make reasonable efforts to provide notice and obtain compliance of change in our information practices regarding information previously collected, and any such uses as may be required by the law.

    7. Redirecting To Other Websites

    Our website may also contain links redirecting to other websites of interest. But you need to note that, once you have used these links from our website and left us, that website might hold your information and we do not have any control over the website you reached. Therefore, we hold no responsibility for the privacy and protection of any information that you provide whilst visiting such sites, and also note that this privacy statement does not govern such sites. You should look at the privacy statement that applies to the website that you visit in question and should exercise caution. It is not advisable to provide any information unless or until it is highly required.

    We also gather the technical information from you like your IP address, computer type, operating system and browser type for system administration purposes. Along with this, Just Chillz covers all the personal information collected by us during your visit to our websites or using any of our services. Personal information refers to all the required information that can be used in identifying a living individual.

    8.Security Precautions

    We truly believe in respecting and protecting your details. Our website/mobile app has adequate and reasonably good security measures to protect your information which is under our control from being lost, alteration and misuse. We at Just Chillz offer you the use of a secure server, whenever you access or change your personal account information. Soon after your information is being in our proprietorship, we strictly adhere to our security guidelines in protecting your information against unauthorized access.

    The security of your data is promising with us. We have followed the procedure without any suspicion of data breaching and will notify you ASAP if found anything regarding data breach where we are legally required to do so.

    We need to caution you that your data may be at risk, as the Just Chillz server could be vulnerable to hacking, virus attacks. In that case, Just Chillz takes all the necessary and reasonable caution to protect the server and data.

    Although we do our very best to secure your data, the transmission of data to the internet is not completely safe and we do not guarantee the security and protection of your data.

    No one can provide 100% complete security measures. Therefore, we cannot guarantee and do not promise the complete security, and thus you should not expect, that your private communication or your personal information will not be collected and used by others. One should take steps in protecting against unauthorized access to their password, phone, and computer, among other things, signing off after using a shared computer, choosing a robust password that no one can easily guess or nobody knows, and also by keeping your log-in and password credentials private. Just Chillz services take no responsibility for any activity on your account via unauthorized password activity and the unauthorized use of your information or even for any lost, stolen, compromised passwords.

    However, once we have acknowledged your data, we will use strict techniques and safety features to try and stop not consent access.

    9. Update, Deletion, And Correction of Your Personal Information

    You may choose to restrict the collection of or use of your personal information in the following ways:

    Your personal information can be reviewed, corrected and even get deleted by logging into the website/ mobile app. If your information changes or is inaccurate, you must promptly update it. We will close your account and remove your personal information, only on your written request.

    Just Chillz do retain the information from closed accounts to prevent fraud, collect any fees owed, resolve any disputes, comply with the law, troubleshoot any problems, assist with any investigations of any registered user, to enforce our terms of use, and take any other actions that are otherwise permitted by law that we deem necessary in our sole and absolute discretion.

    You agree that Just Chillz services shall not be responsible for any personal information that was not included within your deleted and/or removed Account that remains on the website/ mobile app, once we have deleted or removed your account.

    If at all once you publicly post a request, offer, want, feedback, or any other information onto the website / mobile app, you should understand that, you may not be able to alter or remove it.


    We provide all our users with the opportunity of being opting-out from our services or of being receiving any kind of non-essential (promotional or related to marketing) communications from us, on the part of our partners, and might even from us in general, after you were setting up an account. Your contact information will not be removed from all Just Chillz’s lists unless you contact us with a request.

    11. Advertisements on Just Chillz

    We normally get in use of any third-party advertising companies to serve ads whilst you visit our website. These companies may use basic information (which does not include your name, address, email-id, or contact number) about your visit to ours or any of the other related websites to provide you with their advertisements about goods and services that are of your interest.

    On the Just Chillz website and/or on the app, we might post advertisements that are provided by advertisers. These advertisers might set a mobile identification device on their apps. Just Chillz takes no responsibility for any of these advertisers. You are advised to deal with these advertisers if you solely intend to, on your own entire risk and volition. Just Chillz doesn’t recommend or market or warranty the Advertisers, quality, commitment, deliverables, and genuineness and advertiser’s commitment to protecting your personal information, by allowing such advertisements.

    Just Chillz thrives to protect your personal information. We may share your details like personal information with the sponsors, business partners, and service providers. Sharing of your personal information might you receive newsletters, offers, information about new products, services, facilities, schemes, launches, and any other information, if applicable. The information which is collected from you and other users may be analyzed in different manners. And we may also share such analyses with their business partners and the service providers.

    12. Warrant & Representation

    You hereby represent and warrant to Just Chillz that your personal information

    1. Will not be false, inaccurate, incomplete or misleading;
    2. Will not actively break the terms of any third party’s copyright, patent, trademark, trade secret or other proprietary rights or rights of publicity or privacy;
    1. Shall not violate any law and ordinance, or any regulation (including without limitation for those governing over the export control, anti-discrimination, false advertising, consumer protection, or unfair competition);
    2. Will not be fraudulent or involve in any of the sales of stolen items or counterfeit;
    3. Will does not contain any computer programming routines which are intended to damage or secretly intercept or use for one’s purpose of any system or detrimentally interfere with, or even viruses, trojan horses, cancelbots, worms, time bombs or other, data or personal information;
    4. It will not be obscene or contain child pornography or be harmful to minors.
    5. Will is not defamatory, libelous, unlawfully threatening, or unlawfully harassing; and
    6. Will not create liability for Just Chillz or cause Just Chillz to lose (in whole or part) the services of its tips or other partners or suppliers.

    13. Your Consent & Changes; of The Privacy Policy

    By using the website/ mobile application and/ or by providing your information, you consent to the collection and use of the information you disclose with us on the website by this privacy policy, including but not limited to your consent for sharing your information as per this privacy policy.

    If we decide in changing any of our privacy policies, we will post those changes on our website/page so that you can always get awareness over what information we collect from you, how we use it, and under what circumstances we disclose it.

    Just Chillz has and continues to have every right in modifying, changing or even updating the privacy policy at any time. However, we will use your personal information in a manner that is consistent with a privacy policy at the time you shared your personal information with us. You are encouraged to check the Just Chillz services often to get updated about our privacy policy. You acknowledge that by the usage of the Just Chillz service you provide acceptance of the privacy policy.

    14. Pre-approved Sharing of Personal Information

    In case Just Chillz is required to disclose your personal information in the process of assisting any of the government authorities or in adherence to the court or even to protect the interest of the Just Chillz service and/or any particular user(s), we undoubtedly will disclose that without obtaining any prior permission from you.

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