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    All of the equipment that we use in our household like TV, refrigerator, AC, etc. are worked on the electric supply. There is no life that an individual could imagine life without electricity. Not only these home appliances but also the gadgets and all the modern devices also require electricity to perform. The true potential and importance of electricity can only be witnessed when there occurs any fault and the electricity services are disrupted. To check up on what the problem is and how to resolve it, one must never do it by him/herself. Hire the best electrical repair service to resolve the issue even if it’s a tiny one.

    The problems in the electrical system come with no set rules and the reason can be anything from in-house fault or from the transformer. The major faults are now reduced to a very extent by the installation of the MCB unit.

    However, it’s always a smart decision to hire professional help in resolving any or all electrical faults. Electrical services are also a very integral part of the installation and repair services.

    Areas of Electrical Repair Service

    Electricity became a part of our life. Without it, all the technology advancements and inventions are pretty much useless. It’s only the electricity that provides us with the option to extract the full potential and make these inventions worth it. Our professional electrician will provide good installation and maintenance to the whole electric service.

    In general, there are three fields that the electricians broadly bifurcate their services into. The fields are:

    Domestic Electrical Repair Service

    This type of service remains in demand the most. The term domestic is used for the households and the service that a household requires in terms of electrical service can vary from installation of a socket, repairing an already installed wiring, installation of micro-circuit breakers to even getting a whole new connection.

    All of it demands a professional and the best electric service company or an individual.

    Commercial Electrical Repair Service

    This area of service requires more powerful and experienced professionals. The commercial term is used for places like malls, offices, showrooms, etc. These places require heavy connections in order to meet all the daily requirements. The electric service is needed more extensively in these places. More often than not, such places hire full-time electricians to meet all the needs right then and there.

    The services in the commercial sector include all those that are rendered in the domestic segment but the scale of the services multiplies manifold.

    Industry Electrical Repair Service

    The largest of all, the industrial sector requires a whole lot of expertise and quality to successfully operate in such a big place. Just Chillz is a one-stop destination to meet all the requirements of electric service.

    Set of Services by Just Chillz

    The services that are offered by the best electric service company in Noida, Delhi, Faridabad, Gurugram, and neighboring areas are:

    Fan Installation/Removal

    The service is offered in case of any fan, either be it installation or removal. The fans include a ceiling fan, exhaust fan, coolers, etc. The services include the availability of the material and the installation or removal along with the skirting.

    Inverters Installation/Repair

    Just Chillz also offers the services of repairing the inverter units along with its removal and installation. Also, if there is a need for an up-gradation of a particular part, it will be suggested and the person can get it done if he/she wants to.

    Installation of Doorbell

    The electric services provided by the company also include the installation of the doorbell at a minimal cost.

    Stabilizer Installation/Repair

    A stabilizer helps in maintaining a constant power supply. In the absence of a stabilizer, it may occur that your gadgets and appliances may damage due to voltage fluctuations. The installation along with all the material needed is also offered by this electric services company.

    Fittings of Sockets, Holders, and Bulbs

    At very reasonable pricing, the services to install or remove any pre-existing wire are also offered.

    Wiring Upgrade

    If the wiring remains exposed to a very harsh environment, then the chances go higher of them getting in an electrical fault and eventually causing a fire outburst. At this point, the wiring should be upgrade. The professionals will do all the work and make it new as it was when installed. The services to do a new full home or office wiring is also available at Just Chillz. The service is offered on an affordable pricing per meter.


    The wiring should not be much stretched to get the most out of them. When the wire gets stretched out, the risk of them getting broken goes up and that creates a hazardous situation. The stretched out wires can automatically snap in harsh weather conditions.

    Drilling Work

    The drilling services offeres in two packages.

    • Standard drilling, which is a standard wall drilling.
    • RCC roof drilling, this drilling is fix some kind of lighting or devices like smoke detectors.

    Other Minor Tasks

    The company also offers other minor works such as wire clipping, general inspection, etc. The task will be considered as a minor work if it took less than 30 minutes to complete.

    Why You Should Choose only JustChillz?

    Being in the industry for such a long time now, it gives us the edge to provide a better service to gain customer trust and satisfaction. We always put quality over quantity. There is a range of variables that are enough to convince anyone in giving Just Chillz a chance to serve them better.

    Fast & Convenient

    Customers always put their trust in the company that can provide them the service fast and conveniently.

    Quality Service

    They will never recommend anything that you will end up regretting and get a chance to complain. However, even if you think that something is not work according to you, you can always call right back and it will be fix..


    There are no hidden costs or any terms that will be not shown to you and the billing will never shock the person who is willing to give us a chance. The prices that Just Chillz provides in the quotation will always be the actual pricing.

    Customer Satisfaction

    Hiring us will take away all the stress from our customers and we will make sure to provide a relaxed and chilling work experience. Customer satisfaction is one of those areas where compromise will not work and the foundation of Just Chillz is build on that only.

    Skilled Technicians

    Our professionals are also very hygiene and professional. They understand the problem of each and every customer and provide solutions on a personalized basis.

    Make an Electrical Service Appointment Today

    We understand the need for getting the best electric repair service and are here to offer our services in the best possible quality. The rendered services are available in North Indian cities, such as Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Noida, etc. Our telephone lines are open to all those who want to make an appointment and schedule a visit. Call us on 9520671471 for electrical repair service.


    What are the types of electricians that Just Chillz can provide?

    All three skill sets of professionals are provided for all the electric services. The three types are apprentices, journeymen, and master electricians. The services rendered by these professionals also vary from all the minor works to the major bulkier projects.

    What are the benefits of hiring a professional?

    Electrical work is very tricky and hazardous in many ways. It is recommendation to get professional help to get any work that is related to electricity. The professionals has good number of experience and know what wire goes where.

    How can my electricity bill be lowered?

    When not in use, turn the lights, fans, computers off. Even if they seem to not utilize a lot of power, it’s better to make it a habit and you will witness the significant change in the bill.

    Will an electrician be helpful in installing smoke detectors?

    Yes, an electrician can be very helpful in getting the smoke detectors installed. Not only smoke detectors but all the gadgets and devices that need an electric supply will be installed by these electricians.

    Why do electricians recommend LEDs?

    These lights consume way less power and eventually provide you a better power efficiency. LED means light-emitting diode, and gradually becoming a norm among homes and offices.

    Why do lights make a buzzing sound sometimes?

    This happens when the life of such lights is about to end. As soon as someone notices the sound, he/she must try to replace those lights immediately. Also, the cause of that sound may be the wrong fixing and if the light is recently replace, still the same sound is coming, try contacting an electrician as soon as possible.

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