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    Air Conditioning devices have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. As an appliance regularly used, it is necessary to ensure that it is checked regularly for smooth functioning in the long run. In such a scenario, getting an AC AMC service helps ensure the efficiency of your machine and its quality performance delivery over time. Choosing the right agency to handle your appliance needs is crucial.

    An AMC is a solution to unwarranted and sudden repair costs that your appliance may demand. Choosing the right annual contract is the best care you can provide your appliance with.

    AMC With Just Chillz Services

    At Just Chillz Services, we take pride in the quality of our AC AMC services. With options for the maintenance of both window and split ACs, establishing a contract with us can assure that your appliances will be given the utmost care from our side. With scheduled inspections and doorstep services, your choice of an AMC with us might be just the right solution you give your appliance adhering to long term care.

    Along with the quality of our service, the options provided to you keep in mind efficient budget solutions. Tried and tested by many users over time, there is a foundation on which our company’s trust and authenticity have laid its roots.

    AC AMC Service Quality & Assurance

    If you are wondering why Just Chillz Services will be the right solution for your appliance, here is your answer. The quality that is attached to our identity is attributed to certain steps that we adopted.

    • One of the important aspects of our quality is our utilization of ISO Certified equipment in all our services. This ensures that your air conditioner gets a service that will provide long life and effective solutions
    • Effectively addressing your appliance problems, we have ITI certified skilled resources. Working with a trained professional, we aim to provide quality communication and customer service satisfaction.

    AC AMC Service And Facilities

    While Quality and Professionalism are an assurance of our services, the facilities that we provide also create the perfect package that you can give your air conditioner.

    1. With prompt response in terms of providing doorstep services, our management ensures the delivery of air conditioning solutions to your residence at the distance of one phone call.
    2. Immediate and quality AC service is the goal and prompt actions are taken with regards to any service requirement. Speed and efficiency go hand in hand here.
    3. Different service needs have personalized our customer approach. Discounts and offers suited for your needs and benefits with bulk services assure a tailor-made cost to satisfy our customers.
    4. Designed to cater to your array of needs are our AMC packages assuring pocket suited services that give you personalized choices to pick from.
    5. Prompt phone call services and response is a pride of ours. Just a phone call away, we are always at your service. In case of a missed call, instant call back policies adopted to reach out to you as soon as we can.
    6. The assurance that you need to ensure the quality of your Air Conditioner after its repair is our post-service guarantee. Our efficient services mean that you don’t have to worry about the functioning of your appliance after it is done.
    7. Regular inspections in the functioning of your appliance after an AMC ensures that the quality of your machine remains up to date. Done as a part of the Happy Family inspection, there are no additional costs involved for the same.
    8. Maintaining professionalism, handling your appliances happens with the expert care that ensures its smooth functioning. Our safety assurance is your road to having a healthy appliance.
    9. Choosing an AMC for your air conditioner with Just Chillz Services gets you occasional offers on your air conditioner repair. Just Chillz Services discounts are our assurance of service standards and quality to our customers.
    10. Understanding the machine and establishing its requirements is crucial in providing quality care that will assure long-lasting machine life. Our professionals trained are trained to provide the right answer to your appliance and its problems.

    AC AMC Services Charges

    Product Capacity Tenure AMC Charges
    For Old Machine less than 5 years Window AC 1.0 to 2.0 Ton 1 Year 1500-5000
    Split AC 1.0 Ton to 2.0 Ton 1 Year 1600-6000
    Cassette/Tower Upto 2.0 Ton 1 Year 2400-12000
    Any Machine after warranty/year Window AC 1.0 to 2.0 Ton 1 Year 2000-6000
    Split AC 1.0 Ton to 2.0 Ton 1 Year 2200-8000
    Cassette/Tower Upto 2.0 Ton 1 Year 3000-14000

    About Us

    With customers as our top priority, we provide special offers and discounted rates for services included in the AMC. Installation and repair options, we provide aim to ensure 100% customer satisfaction. Be it individual housing appliance solutions or bulk repair offers, with the promise of professional and satisfying service, an annual maintenance contract with Just Chillz Services is the solution for you.

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