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    A brief study about AC Cooling Coil

    The AC cooling coil for an AC is one of the major components on air conditioning systems. This is also known as the evaporator coil and is actually places where indoor air cooling in real takes place.  The liquid coolant refrigerant enters the cooling coil with the help of the metering device. This helps in the liquid coolant to change into the gas form continuously as it passes through the cooling coil. So, in the end, the refrigerant is in gas form when it passes through the cooling coil.

    It is the cooling coil that removes the heat from your room. AC does not create the cool air, rather they remove the heat from the indoor air and thus, make the environment cooler.

    Types of AC cooling coil:

    AC cooling coils can be broadly classified for the Window and Split AC. Both kinds of coils are different in structure for both the AC. But they have a similar function of cooling down the air temperature.

    Common problems that can occur for the cooling coils:

    Refrigerant leak: If the refrigerant leaks from the cooling coils due to wear and tear, then the efficiency of your appliance is greatly reduced.

    Freezing: The super-low temperature of the refrigerant can freeze the cooling coils as well. They require a healthy flow of warm air in order to prevent from freezing over.

    Dirty coils: Over time, they get coated with the dirt, and pollution is the environment, and this can lead to decreased work efficiency of your AC.

    The best part that lies with these cooling coils is that they are repairable. It is easy to repair them for the split ACs without spending a lot on changing for the new coils. But when we talk about the window AC, the repairing chances are less. For more than 90% in window AC, cooling coils are changed rather than repaired.

    If you have faulty cooling coils with your AC, we first recommend you to get it repaired rather than changing it. There can be minor faults or damage that can occur to your coils, and for that, you do not need to change the coils.

    We at Just Chillz Services provide the repairing services for your AC cooling coils. Not only this, but we also provide all kinds of AC repair and maintenance services and help to keep your appliance healthy.

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