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    Air conditioning technology advancements have presented a vast array of options concerning cooling models to choose from. The models in the market allow advanced cooling comfort and energy-saving options. These advancements have been accompanied by the requirement to have electrical components that allow such functions to be provided efficiently by the design. The key to any business flourishing is its system functioning on a series of feedback and subsequent improvement measures. The factors that do not satisfy the customer should be given immediate attention and change afterward.

    Understanding AC PCB

    Electronic printed circuit boards are components in your air conditioner that allows the appliance to perform complex communication, data calculation, and output operation. The circuit board and its components, with the age of the air conditioner, is bound to have barriers in its functioning. Don’t worry! The damage that the component may face over time can be repaire.

    But at the same time, there is the requirement that the same should be done by trained professionals for the safety and proper functioning of your device. Component service repairs are not available in most companies for this very reason. You often hear them telling you to buy a new appliance altogether.

    Types of AC PCB Available IN The Market

    The electronic Printed Circuit breaker acts as a physical support piece and wiring area for the components of the air conditioner. There are categories of Printed circuit breakers available in the market.

    Single layered AC PCB – This is the type of circuit breaker that is coated on one side with a thin layer of metal. The metal is regarded as the base material of the substrate of the device. The wiring, in this case, is soldered to one side.

    Double Layered AC PCBs – in this type of PCB, both sides of the bord have a metal coat covering it. In this case, the wiring is change by the use of holes drill to allow the connection of the circuit to the other side. Being lightweight and high speed, these are the PCBs that are most preferred as the manufacturing component to become the base of Air conditioning appliances.

    Multi-layered AC PCB – Unlike the previous two types, this category of PCB has a series of metal coating layered secured between insulation plates with special glue. The design can be complex due to its multilayered feature but is advanced in terms of speed and service efficiency.

    Rigid PCBs, Flexible PCBs, Flex Rigid PCBs, High-Frequency PCBs, and Aluminum Back PCBs are a few other component options available in the market.

    AC PCB Repair At Just Chillz Services

    We at Just Chillz Services provide services that allow the maintenance of Electronic Printed Circuit boards also known as PCBs and its modules. With professionals trained in the service provided, there is the assurance that your device will be back in good shape in our hands. Indulging in PCB repair, replacement, touch up and testing we bring to you the best of AC PCB service that is available in the market.

    The design is not a barrier to our Printed circuit board services. Be it wall AC, Duct AC, cassette AC, Sub Ceiling AC, or Column type air conditioner, we have the solution here at Just Chillz Services to your Air conditioner PCB board problems.

    Why Utilize Our Services At Just Chillz Services?

    With many years of service, our franchise has connected and gained knowledge of air conditioner models. Also, companies that are vast and varied. Industry expert consultancy has also become an established part of our service measures. From detecting and understanding problems to providing services that answer your PCB board problems efficiently, we can assure you that the service provided to you will be of top-notch quality.

    Efficient Service Solutions – Providing quality and quick service is something that we pride ourselves in. In the comfort of your home, you can avail of the best and professional service that you can provide your appliance.

    Service Guarantee – Our team of service providers have train in what they do and aim. To make sure that you as our customer receive only the best of all services. We strive to work towards your satisfaction. JCS’s team gives you the trust and guarantee of these AC PCB Repair services.

    Skilled Solutions – Our technicians have received training to provide professional and customer friendly services to your needs. From a repair solution to advice and suggestions. You can trust us to receive excellent quality in terms of facility provision.

    Professional AC PCB Service To Your Location

    Customer doorstep service is providing once an inquiry or complaint is register. Our expert professionals visit your place from our nearest service centers. They will diagnose the problem that your air conditioner is facing. The problem that is detecte warrants board repair which is ok immediately. Our Air conditioner service/maintenance professional will be equip with all the equipment and facilities. It will be helpful to get your air conditioner running again on the spot.

    If the damage is not repairable on location, our team assisting you with your service will remove the part to bring it back to our AC service centers where the Printed Circuit board will be repaired. In case the damage is beyond repair, the replacement of the PCB. IT will change by procuring the new component base on the air conditioner model that you use. The replacement will ok by our service professionals at home for you. Our services are available to you in Ghaziabad, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and more.

    Service Charges And Coverage For AC Pcb Repair

    Our PCB repair Service can available at the cost of rupees 2000 barring part equipment purchase costs. This rate is applicable for both window and split AC. The cost is inclusive of professional service crew charges. Include diagnostics, and repair of the board, removal, and re-installation of the board. It will involve the Air Conditioner disassemble and reassemble again.


    1. When can we avail of your services?

    While members have the option of enjoying 24-hour service facilities.

    1. Can I reschedule a booking or cancel it on Just Chillz Services?

    Logging into your account, you have the option of doing so. Contacting our customer service will help you do the same. Please ensure that you go through our terms and conditions to know about our cancellation policies.

    1. Is there a Service warranty available?

    Spare part replacements grant a 30-day service warranty from our side.

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